Washed by the blood
Made brand new inside
Justified by you
Now glorified with you
So I can stand in the presence of the father
Robed in righteousness
And I’ve got no need to stress

Because you did it all
You did it all
(Yes you did, yes you did it, Jesus)
You did it all
(everything we needed)
You did it all
(when you opened up a way to the father)
You did it all
(into the grace we stand)
You did it all
(by the blood that you shed on calvary)
You did it all
(it’s more than we can thank you for)
You did it all

Thank you Jesus for saving my life
It’s a brand new day
It’s a brand new day
With you

Overwhelmed by the issues of life
And it’s like
Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong
Overwhelmed by thoughts of failure
And you don’t know where to turn

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Place your hope in him
He’s the one who reigns eternal
Yet he knows how it feels

Cos he too suffered as man
But did not give up
He endured to the end
So you and I would never have to give up
But live life to the full

This song was easy to write in a weird way. I didn’t have to think about the lyrics because I was literally singing what I was thinking and feeling.
I had no clue what my next step was going to be.

All praise to the lamb of God
Our Saviour
All praise to Heaven’s firstborn
Our brother
All praise to the King
His love and mercy flows
All praise to the Living one

This is one of the short ones. I haven’t been able to create a suitable second verse so I decided to leave it as-is. It also happens to be a song which I’ve found hard to play.

Something about the chord progressions I’ve attempted always seemed off, i.e. repititive and lacking a proper resolution. But it’s easisly one of my favorites based on the subject matter alone.

The blood you shed, has spelt your L.O.V.E
and all you’ve done is now my MEH LOW DEE EY
it’s hard to find the words to say,
my mind can comprehend your ways
all I can do is sing

It’s your love that transcends all things to bring me close

Free to worship
Free to sing
Free to lift my hands to him
Free from sin I’m free to live
In his arms, I’ll be
washed by the blood, I’m made brand new
led by the Spirit into truth
In his arms, I’ll be shock resistant

Hey you, I’m walking…

Unto you, king be all the praise
Unto you, king be all the honour
Unto you, king be all the praise be all the praise
Be all the honour

This is one of those really spontaneous songs. I was literally messing around waiting to figure out what song to play next, the phrase “Unto you King” formed first and the rest followed naturally. Admittedly, it’s quite on the simple side. I guess I’ve learnt not to try too hard sometimes to turn a simple interlude into something it’s not. The tricky thing though is making sure I don’t shelf a song with potential into the interlude box just because it doesn’t take shape immediately.

Lift my eyes to the hills
From whence comes my help
My help comes, comes from you
Lift my eyes to the hills
Who is my refuge
You’re my shield and refuge

So I’ll sing of your love for me
Sing of your grace
I’m amazed at your work in me
I’m changing…

To live a life of love that’s the call
show the world your light that’s what we’re here for
strangers in this country so we taking no detours
I know that creed and race may hesitate
but I’m living for your glory so I won’t delay
steppin out of comfort zone Lord please lead the…

Joseph Amegatcher

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